Direct Mail

At our core, Amplified Strategies is known for our direct mail for ballot measure campaigns. Our turnkey approach pairs detailed analysis of the issue and sophisticated targeting with designs that fit the circumstances and demographics of the situation.

Message Development

Successful message development requires a careful balance of right brain and left brain skills. Drawing on strong writing skills, the firm also provides web content, newspaper ads, ballot arguments, brochures and other collateral material.


Amplified Strategies can develop advanced voter segmentation models by analyzing survey, commercial and demographic data. These segments can then be used for voter contact, broadcast targeting, digital advertising, outreach, tracking polls and vote goals.

Issue Advocacy & Coalition Building

Successful issue advocacy requires a unique approach. We build broad-based coalitions, provide creative communication strategies and the right timing to persuade key decision makers.

Signature Gathering

Signature gathering can be a key component in securing a position on the ballot. We ensure our clients also reap the benefits of early framing and positive exposure.

Past Work

Campaign Experience


• Indian Gaming
• School Funding


• Gaming


• State Budget Process
• Prescription Drug Pricing
• Eminent Domain
• Transportation Funding
• Water Bonds
• Indian Gaming
• Education Governance
• Beverage Taxes
• Oil Taxes
• Stem Cell Research
• Food Labeling
• Tobacco Taxes
• Two-Thirds Vote
• School Bonds
• Redistricting Reform
• Land Use


• Food Labeling
• Employment Practices
• Gaming


• Hospital Funding


• Gaming


• Stem Cell Research


• Bottle Deposits
• Charter Schools
• Hospital Pricing


• Tort Reform


• Stem Cell Research
• School Funding
• Gaming
• Local Earnings Tax


• Utility Takeover
• Tort Reform

New Jersey

• Auto Insurance

New York

• Beverage Taxes
• Indian Gaming

North Dakota

• Pharmacy Pricing


• Land Use
• Gaming


• Beer and Wine Sales
• Indian Gaming


• Food Labeling
• Transportation
• Tax on Sales
• GMO Ban


• Beverage Taxes

Rhode Island

• Gaming

South Dakota

• Land Use


• Land Use


• Liquor Privatization
• Charter Schools
• Food & Beverage Taxes
• Healthcare Providers
• Bag Tax


• Indian Gaming

The Team

Amplified’s team is spread out across Seattle, Walla Walla and Phoenix. But, we’re never more than a phone call or email away.

Michael Meyers

Mike has been providing strategic advice, targeting services and creative direct mail across the country for more than 30 years. His years of experience working with other consultants adds an invaluable dimension to the firm.

(206) 322-6730

Adam Parmer

Since joining the firm in 2007, Adam has worked on over 25 statewide, legislative and local campaigns on issues ranging from food labeling and eminent domain in California to liquor privatization and charter school reform in Washington State.

(206) 274-4658

Mike Kamman

Mike joined Amplified in 2007 and has worked on campaigns from California to Maine covering a wide range of issues including gaming, tobacco taxes, beverage taxes, city charter reform and various public affairs projects.

(206) 274-5829

Andrew Meyers

Andrew joined in 2011 and has led statewide targeting projects in several states and worked on campaigns covering issues including education reform, gaming, pharmacy regulations, land use and beverage taxes.

(206) 322-6730

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